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a climbing vine, Hedera helix, having smooth, shiny, evergreen leaves, small, yellowish flowers, and black berries, grown as an ornamental

a fleuron is a typographic element used either as a punctuation mark or as an ornament for typographic compositions. It is also known as the printers' flower, or more formally as the hedera leaf, or simply Hedera

We started Hedera with the philosophy of helping people like ourselves—small-time entrepreneurs with big-time visions. We've always believed in the importance of small business and aim to work closely with them to better understand their needs and goals and to help them get there.

We've been together three years now, and we've seen ourselves working with some amazing small businesses, and some big ones. We've spent time with them in the field, getting to know their customers and finding new ways to innovate their brand. We've worked with artists, juicers, adventurers, athletes, and more, and we're always looking to expand our horizons, as well as yours.

No matter who we work with or where that work brings us, our philosophy will always remain—working with people who are as passionate about their ideas as we are and building relationships upon that passion.

benjamin alicea owner of Hedera
Benjamin Alicea

Business & Marketing

Benjamin is an entrepreneur, gamer and musician. He loves computers, traveling and coming up with crazy business ideas with friends. He started Hedera with the hope that he could help business owners better leverage the internet and computers as marketing tools, rather than dealing with them as barriers.

adam pelloso owner of Hedera
Adam Pelloso

Design & Development

Adam is a multidisciplinary designer and self-taught front-end developer. He has a passion for everything visual and a knack for getting things to work. When not designing, you'll find him at the park with his trusty pup Rust or commanding the fùtbol pitch. Letters are his weapon of choice, and if he could be anything else, it would be a writer.