Web Design, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

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We take the time to understand your goals, and assess your current standing online, allowing us to develop a concise digital marketing strategy, that won’t exceed your budget. 

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Online Presence Audit

 Understand how your users interact with your brand online, and where you fall short compared to your competition.

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User Experience Design

Guide users through the customer journey, with an organized website, interactive content, and irresistible call to actions.

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Search Engine Optimization

Attract users most prepared to purchase, by optimizing your website for valuable search terms, and relevant content.

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Digital Marketing

 Increase brand awareness and promote your business online, by engaging your audience on the channels they frequent the most.

Online Presence Audit

You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken. Our online presence audit solves this problem, and provides us a roadmap to success.

Not only do we analyze the way users interact with your website, we also assess your position in local and organic search results, page load times, and digital marketing strategies, giving us a 360° view of how your business stacks up online.

User Experience

Onsite Optimization

Local Optimization

Page Speed & Load Times

Digital Marketing Strategis

User Experience Design

Using the online presence audit as a blueprint, we move on to developing a more engaging online experience. From the organization of your content, to the time it takes to load your website, we make sure your users can find what they’re looking for fast, on any device.

User Experience STrategy

Brand design & development

Website design & development

Automated Live Chat

Customer Knowledge Base

Speed optimization

Search Engine Optimization

If you build it they will come… not in Google’s world. However, search engine optimization isn’t as daunting as it may seem.

Attracting visitors to your website really comes down to playing nice with search engines. This means following a strict set of rules to both optimize your website content, and making it easy for search engines to decipher. 

Onsite Optimization

Local Optimization

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

We don’t manage digital marketing strategies, we foster them. We work with our clients to develop strategies and implement powerful management tools, all along the way empowering and educating them to take the wheel on their digital marketing campaigns  – which we feel is far more valuable.

Content Marketing

Marketing funnels


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Advertising

Analytics & Reporting

That’s Not All We Do!

Not only do we help develop a new, more user friendly online presence, and consult on the latest digital marketing strategies… we also provide complete management services of the websites we build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we own our website when it's finished?

Yes! Unlike DIY builders like Squarespace or Wix, after we are done building your custom website, all of the assets are 100% yours. We also typically include a 2.5 hour consulting session during hand off of the website, to ensure your comfortable handling updates moving forward.

What other expenses are involved?

The most common additional expenses involved in building an online presence include hosting fees, domain names, WordPress themes & plugins, and stock imagery.

Do you offer Maintenance plans?

Yes! We offer three tiers of maintenance plans that cover anything from basic backups, updates and monitoring, to unlimited website edits, search engine optimization and speed optimization.

Do you offer free estimates?

No. We find that spending hours writing free estimates for custom projects is a waste of time, for everybody. This is why we started offering our “online presence audit” which outlines everything that needs to be done to improve your online presence.

Can we manage our website when the project is over?

Yes! Absolutely. We never take a website hostage and we work to empower our clients to manage as much of their website, and digital marketing strategy, as they want.