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Our Process

We take the time to understand your goals, analyze the competition, and assess your current standing online, allowing us to develop a concise digital marketing strategy, that won’t exceed your budget. 


The “discovery” phase consists of a free 30 minute consultation where we take the time to explore your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, analyze your competition and ultimately determine what your digital marketing goals should be moving forward.

Expose weaknesses & pain points for you and your users

Explore strengths & competitive advantages

Analyze your best and closest competition

Set priorities with targets & goals


Our in depth “online presence audit” acts as our roadmap for improving your users experience from the moment they search for your services or products, through the moment they interact with your brand and become a paying customer.

Check tracking codes & implementation

Analyze user flow & experience

Analyze site acquisition & engagement

Analyze local optimization strategy

Analyze current onsite optimization

Test website load times & speed

Analyze digital marketing strategies


Using online presence audit” as our roadmap, we turn our attention to the fun part, the “development” stage. Whether it means improving your website experience to better engage visitors, or dictating the way search engines crawl your website, the “development” stage is the foundation for your digital marketing strategy.

User Experience STrategy

Marketing strategy

Brand design & development

Website design & development

Speed optimization


With your new and improved online experience developed, and your promotions ready for the digital world, it’s time to attract your target audience by showing up whenever and wherever they are are searching, and providing them with valuable, engaging content.

Onsite optimization 

Local optimization 

Content marketing


Social Media Marketing

Digital Advertising


Now that you are attracting the right audience to your online channels, it’s time to move your customer relationships forward towards the conversion stage by distributing original content across relevant online communities, social media, and email. 


Content engagement


Social networking

Email Marketing

Reputation Management


Now that you’ve targeted, attracted and engaged your audience, converting them to high quality leads should be frictionless. Here, we leverage marketing funnels such as special deals, promotions, rewards programs, and exclusive content, to turn engaged visitors into excited customers.

Rewards programs

Exclusive content & workshops

Special deals & promotion

Advertising retargeting

Marketing funnels

Care Packages

 Developing your online presence, and implementing a digital marketing strategy is only the first step in a never ending battle to stay ahead of the competition, and in front of your customers.

Monitoring what online channels is driving valuable traffic, what content your visitors engage most actively with, and when they are abandoning the sales funnel, provides us the data necessary to make informed marketing decisions down the road.

Below is a general overview of what we include in our management packages, and pricing for three separate tiers designed to support businesses of all sizes.

Priority Support & Discounts

Dedicated Client Arena (Coming soon!)

Brand Swag Shop (Coming soon!)

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Reputation Management

Digital Advertising

Campaign Calendar (Coming soon!)

Keyword Trends

Analytics & Reporting


Our care packages come in three different tiers which helps us provide even the most basic of support to the smallest businesses. Whether you just want us to make sure your website is up and running in tip top shape, or you want us to manage every aspect of your digital marketing strategy, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

The million dollar question among all prospects, the cost of a custom website comes with it’s own questions, and fluctuates drastically depending on those answers. While our small more basic website packages, including all of the vital local and search engine optimizations, typically start at around $1,500, larger more complex custom websites can go well beyond the $10,000 mark.

Do we own our website when it's finished?

Yes! Unlike DIY builders like Squarespace or Wix, after we are done building your custom website, all of the assets are 100% yours. We typically include a 2.5 hour consulting session upon completion of the website / digital marketing build out where we explain everything we’ve done, and walk you through any aspects of your website you wish to manage.

What other expenses are involved?

On top of the fees we charge, there are fees for other software involved in building and managing your online presence. The most common come in the form of website hosting, domain names, WordPress plugins, and other management software for managing and analyzing campaigns, or your business in general (think Quickbooks).

Do you offer free estimates?

While we don’t offer free written proposals, we will give you a ballpark idea of what the cost may be during our initial discovery call, when we have a chance to learn more about the entire project scope. We do provide a more granular outline of the work to be done in our “online presence audit”, which is a service provided in all of our digital marketing packages, and provides us with a detailed document with all of the updates and improvements that need to be made.

Can we manage our website when the project is over?

Yes! Absolutely. We never take a website hostage and we work to empower our clients to manage much of their website, and digital marketing strategy, as you are comfortable with, while providing steadfast support in the areas where you are not. It is your business after all, and we simply want to be there to provide you with our area of expertise, while you focus on yours.

Do you offer Maintenance plans?

Yes! While we do strive to support and educate our clients and allow them to control everything they wish, we also strive to make ourselves a nonexpendable part of your team, and your growing digital marketing strategy. We do this by offering 3 different support packages that cover everything from keeping your online presence running smoothly, to ongoing consulting and support of your digital marketing strategy.


Digital marketing consulting for hostels, non profits, and small businesses.


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