Being a small independent shop ourselves, we understand the challenges of running a small business with a limited budget. Although we love partnering with businesses that share our core values, we also put stake in partnering with passionate business owners, working to solve their customers problems.

 Non Profits

Running a non-profit alone is difficult enough. Developing, implementing and managing a high quality online experience, and digital marketing strategy on a fixed budget is a whole different story. However difficult it may seem to allocate funds towards these aspects of your business, we truly believe it is a necessary evil, and something that shouldn’t be left behind. We love working with non-profits to find creative and effective digital marketing strategies that spread their message, and increase support.


Being avid travelers ourselves, we love working within the rapidly growing travel industry. Although we primarily focus our energy on the growing hostel industry, adventure businesses, and the travel health industry (think Yoga Retreats), we are open to everything and anything travel.

Mom & Pop Shops

Talking about underdogs, mom & pop shops are some of our favorite underdogs to work with. We work hand and hand with these passionate, and hard working business owners, to rise to the competition on much smaller budgets, increasing brand awareness, customer traffic, and most importantly sales.


Thinking of starting your own business, and not sure where to start? We absolutely love discussing business ideas with aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. We also take pride in guiding your initial business decisions including market research strategies to understand demand, competitive research to understand consumers current options, and finally initial suggestions for moving towards making your idea a reality. We pride ourselves in consulting the new wave of entreprenuer’s so much that we offer a free start up consultation to accepted applicants.