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Charleston, SC

McKenney Marketing

Emma sought our services when looking for a reliable partner to outsource user experience design, web development, and search engine optimization after she quit her full-time job and decided to start her own social media marketing venture. Since our partnership began in mid-2022, we have worked on over 10 projects, fostering a strong synergistic partnership that we are eager to continue building on.



User experience design.

Website development.

Search engine optimization.

Local optimization.

Maintenance & Support

Websites Developed

Keywords Ranked

Websites Optimized

Leads Generated

Working with Hedera was the best thing I’ve done for my business! Benjamin goes above and beyond to make sure both myself and my clients are happy during all stages of design and implementation. Ben is not only a genius, but very kind and considerate of others especially my clients.My clients not only were impressed by him, but were thrilled with the steady flow of qualified leads that came from the sites he built. I highly recommend Ben and Hedera for all your white labeling needs. My business would not be a success without him.

Emma McKenney, McKenney Marketing