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Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz Hostel

In 2021, Santa Cruz Hostel sought our help in improving their online presence after a change of management. We completely overhauled their website, updated the information architecture, and greatly improved user experience to ensure a pleasant and seamless booking process. Additionally, we optimized the website with keywords specific to their audience’s search queries. In a matter months, the Hostel went from having no bookings to being fully booked, and continues to receive regular reservations to this day.

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User experience design.

Website development.

Search engine optimization.

Local optimization.

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Custom website.

Keywords ranked #1.

Listings managed.

Conversions generated.

I’m incredibly grateful for the work done by Ben and his team at Hedera! As the new manager of Santa Cruz Hostel, I needed to revamp our online presence to attract bookings. Hedera completely redesigned our website with a focus on user experience and SEO. Within three months of launching the new site, our bookings went from almost none to being completely booked! Their SEO strategy has been crucial to our success, ranking us top for over 20 critical search terms. I highly recommend their outstanding work and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sara Tinger, Santa Cruz Hostel