SEARCH ENGINE Optimization
Too many search engine optimization companies promise quick fix, bandaid approaches to getting your business to the “top of google”. We don’t. Our search engine optimization strategies are built for long term success, uncovering weaknesses, building on strengths, and prioritizing the aspects…

Site Architecture

Organize products and services, call to actions and setup form redirects in order to track goals and conversions.

Page Optimizations

Optimize pages for relevant and valuable keywords related to your businesses services, products and content.

Content Strategy

Develop a content strategy based around your users search intent, your competitions current strategy.

Google Trio

Google My Business, Analytics, and Search console all work cohesively to put your business on the map, monitor traffic and uncover search issues.

Page Speed

Optimize your websites load time by implementing browser caching, compressing media, and minimizing HTML / CSS files.

Mobile Usability

Analyze how your site loads on mobile devices, finding issues, and fixing them so your mobile users aren’t left dissatisfied.

Image Optimizations

Compress large media files, implement lazy load, and optimize image titles, descriptions and ALT tags for search indexing.

Social Meta

Optimize each page for social sharing by implementing relevant OG social image and description that help drastically increase CTR on social media.

Schema Markup

Help your customers find you and get in contact! We’ll update a vast network of business listings with your correct business information.

Internal Links

Insure that any valuable keywords used throughout your websites copy link back to relevant content and send more quality signals to Google.


Analyze current backlinks from authoritative websites, and create an actionable list of relevant online press sources that could host valuable backlinks.

Local Directories

Setup authoritative online and local business directory to complement your Google My business and Facebook listings. 


Implement a new level of security to your website connection and insure your web visitors aren’t walled off by an “unsecure” connection.

301 Redirects

Insure your old page URLs retain their authority with Google by redirecting them to new, optimized URLs and their relevant content.


Create HTML, XML and image site maps and submit them directly to Google search console so you can rest assure your site is always indexed properly.